Peter Worship

150128_SevenFencePosts_Nevada_1Chuck “I almost died getting this picture” Kimmerle

After reading the recent New York Times article about Peter Lik, I would like to offer him some friendly advice: it’s time to put it back in your pants, Peter. Your rhythmic, self-manipulative ego strokes were enjoyable to read, but uncomfortable to ponder. I mean, a god? Really? What on earth would make you think you are a god? For starters, your basic skill is knowing how to push a camera button. Zeus can control lightning. I hardly see these as equal talents, you know what mean? It’s not like Jason and the Argonauts ever had to fight their way  through a growling bunch of photographers on their quest for the golden fleece. I mean, maybe if they were on their way to the Grammy’s, yes, but they weren’t.

And speaking of unequal talents, what’s with the dismissive attitude towards old Ansel? Granted, it could be argued that his talents were eclipsed by contemporaries such as Paul Strand and Edward Western (both were photographers, if you hadn’t heard), but his contributions to photography are unequaled in the 20th century. And, he could play a mean chopsticks on the piano. Is that not worthy of at least a modicum of respect?

Look, I know you must be marketing genius. To be so well-known and awarded armed only with a portfolio of loud, derivative and insignificant work proves that. I bow to you. But I gotta tell ya, and this comes from a place of love, you owe Ansel, and perhaps the rest of use mere mortals, an apology.

So buck up, zip up, and do the right thing.