My Privilege

130606_FourPolesNoWire_LaramieCountyWYFour Poles, Laramie County, Wyoming

I don’t think it’s much of a secret that I am speaking at the 2015 Moab Photography Symposium this spring (April 30 – May 3). Lawd knows I’ve mentioned it enough over the past few weeks both in social media and on my website (and once to a lady standing in line at the grocery store). This is a big deal for me. Not because I am a speaker, I have given lots of talks and enjoy large audiences, but rather because I will be presenting alongside esteemed photographers whom I consider friends—Michael Gordon, Guy Tal, Colleen Miniuk-Sperry—and someone I consider a true modern master, Charles Cramer. I have never met Charles face-to-face, but owe him a huge debt of gratitude. Many years ago he reviewed some of my work, a small portfolio of northern plains images. The 30 short minutes we spent talking on the phone, my first ever professional review, was intensely educational and inspirational and had a profound effect on my photography. I owe him a great deal.

And now I am presenting alongside him. That is insanely cool.

But there’s more. I had know of, and truly respected, the work of Guy Tal and Michael Gordon long before I ever met them. They are both as approachable and wonderful as their work (which is a good thing as butthole photographers make it hard to appreciated their work). It will be an honor to be on stage with them.

I don’t yet personally know Colleen (although she flirts with me all the time online) or Bruce Hucko, master of the symposium and the poor guy who had to endure my pathetic sobbing as I begged to participate in the symposium, but am sure we will become good friends.

It is always an honor to be asked to speak to a group of photographers, but this event will be even more special as I will be among fellow landscape photographers whom I have admired and respected for years.


4 thoughts on “My Privilege”

  1. Okay, a few thoughts….

    1. She was not flirting with you… Come on man….
    2. I agree with butthole photographers being difficult to know…. I have firsthand experience with you…. jk,jk,jk……
    3. You don’t buy groceries your wife does so you could not have spoken to someone in line about this. Could that have been a dream?
    4. Are you sure you’re not there for comedic relief?
    5. You begged? Dogs beg, my guess is you bribed….

    Okay in all seriousness, what a great event for you to be part of! Wish I could be there to listen. Break a leg! You’ll be the highlight. Just try not to overreact to all the color you’ll see in others work…..

  2. John, I am having special anti-saturation glasses made for me that filter out any color not a version of gray. Also, did I mention I am starting a Kickstarter campaign to disable all the saturation sliders in the world?

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