“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”  Marcel Proust

Hello and welcome.

My name is Chuck Kimmerle, and I am a black and white landscape photographer currently living in Casper, Wyoming. For the past few years, I have been photographing in and around the northern plains of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota, and have more recently began to focus my attention on the transition areas between the western plains and the Rocky Mountains.

While I occasionally find myself in grandiose areas such as Death Valley and Zion, I prefer to do the bulk of my work in less visited and less photographed locales. I find the flat and reticent mid-west plains as visually compelling as any mountain range, and a much more meaningful place in which to work. So as not to be misunderstood, I do find value in visiting the grand and blunt destinations so popular with photographers, but as the rare exception to my normal work, something simply to give me a greater perspective.

I do not restrict myself to any one subject matter, but photograph those landscapes with which I find a personal and meaningful connection. That said, I often find myself attracted to scenes which are influenced both by the and of man, and the plans of nature. Areas of transition, without judgment or bias on my part.

I consider myself a landscape photographer in the traditional sense. I find no need to be overtly “clever” or “gimmicky”, instead preferring to let my vision and presentation speak for themselves. My work is formal, balanced and reticent, and has been described as quiet and lonely, sometimes as forlorn, although I would argue about the latter. It is not a conscious effort on my part, but simply how I happen to see, and choose to present, my respective subjects.

I am well aware of the derisive views held by the “art world” regarding landscaper photographers, but am not, in the least, swayed. Art is about an individuals unique vision and message. It is not about what gallery owners, or curators, consider to be popular or hip or, worse yet, sellable.

Anyway, I hope you find at least a shred of value in my thoughts and that, in some small way, I helped to make you a better photographer.


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