Photography Workshops

Nestled Fern, Glacier National Park, 2018

Nestled Fern, Glacier National Park, 2018


Sorry, I won't have any scheduled workshops until 2020

Why? You ask.

Because I have decided to clear my schedule for the 2019 calendar year and hike the Appalachian trail. It has been a dream for a couple of decades (yes, I have read Bill Bryson's book . . . a lot) and the time seems right.

As many of you may know, I was diagnosed with MS in 2006. My symptoms are few and far between, and rarely play any role in my life other than acting as a great excuse for not doing any housework (I am sorry honey, my MS is acting up. You'll have to vacuum the living room by yourself, and please try to keep the noise down). But, tomorrow might be the real thing—MS is funny that way—so I have decided that I cannot wait any longer.

Will the photography world survive without me? Will I become artistically irrelevant? As my friend Michael Gordon said it "you shoot black and white landscapes, you are already artistically irrelevant." Problem solved.

I start my journey sometime around late February or early March, 2019. Not sure how I will be updating my progress, but I'll think of something and will let you all know.

Wish me luck.