About My Prints

The fine-art photographic print is the visual realization of the intersection between style and vision. It is the exception rather than the rule. It is the culmination of countless hours, repeating patterns of successes and failures, and much exploration. Once back in the studio, the process repeats itself. But the final results are satisfying and meaningful. My prints are direct reflections of my vision of the world. Strict reality is not my goal. Rather, though the creative presentation of each image, I am trying to convey my feelings, experiences, and connections with the land.

Each of my prints are made to archival standards using only museum-grade archival materials—print paper, mat board, tape, backing board, etc.—to ensure your treasured purchase lasts for many decades to come.

Why purchase an image from me? For starters, it helps to support me, as an artist, in my quest to fill a indefinable and nagging desire, a need, to explore my surroundings and create new work. Secondly, and more importantly, it provides you with a creative and tactile piece of unique and meaningful artwork which, I am sure, will be appreciated for many, many years.

I have included within the shopping page a selection of my more popular prints, but all of the work on this site is available for purchase. If your preferred image is not included on the shopping page, simple select the general print option and enter the image title.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for your prints to arrive.

Please contact me for discounts on orders of three or more prints

I sincerely appreciate your consideration in owning one of my prints.

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