General Creative Help or Advice, 2 hours, $125

During these two hours, we will work together to help you to improve your photography. The topic for each session is completely up to you. This session offers the chance to get more involved and detailed than the one-hour session.

Topics may be technical:
An introduction to Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop
Photoshop layers and masks
Post-processing workflow
Gear selection and use

Or creative:
Image critique
Exhibit selections/statements
Help with image editing
Refining/discovering our photographic style
Discovering bad habits
Learning how to see in black and white

Before our session, we will discuss your needs and how best to proceed.


How does this work?

After payment you should email me so that we can set up a time/date for our video conference, and to narrow down the scope of the session. For instance, were you looking only for my feedback on your work as it strands, or are you open to seeing how certain photographs would look with a bit of editing, by me. This is especially useful to explore areas of the photograph which might need some attention.

Were you having any specific quality or processing issues? Do you feel your photographs are lacking a certain something? Or, were you looking primarily for advice regarding sequencing or exhibit design.

A couple of days before we meet, you should either email me between 16-24 photographs (preferred), or we can view your work from a website or share from your computer. The former works best as it gives me some time to visit your work before we meet.