Portfolio/Photo Review, 1 hour, $75

We could all use an extra pair of experienced and critical eyes when evaluating our work. Often, our emotional attachment to particular photographs can cloud our judgement.

Reviewing another photographers work requires more than just being a good photographer. It requires empathy, compassion, tact, open-mindedness, and a critical eye.

This is not just an exercise in choosing our favorites. We will discuss why we think individual photographs are important, and why some may be lacking. This will be a conversation rather than a lecture. I have helped dozens of photographers to improve both the quality and the narrative of their bodies of work, and I hope you will allow me to work with you.


How does this work?

After payment you should email me so that we can set up a time/date for our video conference, and to narrow down the scope of the review. For instance, were you looking only for my feedback on your work as it strands, or are you open to seeing how certain photographs would look with a bit of editing, by me. This is especially useful to explore areas of the photograph which might need some attention.

Were you having any specific quality or processing issues? Do you feel your photographs are lacking a certain something? Or, were you looking primarily for advice regarding sequencing or exhibit design.

A couple of days before we meet, you should either email me between 16-24 photographs (preferred), or we can view your work from a website or share from your computer. The former works best as it gives me some time to visit your work before we meet.


I know that this may seem intimidating. I remember the first time I shared my work with another photographer. But it was worth it. That review changed how I looked at my own work and it vastly improved both the technical and creative qualities. I would like to do the same for you.