About me



The realization that photography is about much more than a photograph was the single most important revelation in my career. It freed me to discover meaning and connection wherever I looked, not just those areas which were popular, grand, and extreme. This opened possibilities to work in the often flat and reticent central plains of the United States. This quiet area, where agriculture dominates nature, holds a great deal of significance, if one would take the time to look.

Despite no longer living in the the central part of the country, I still feel a relationship with the quiet whispers of the plains, prairies, and basins. The solitude I experience in these areas is energizing and therapeutic, and where I go to refresh my soul. I think such a connection is not only relevant in my work, but vital. It’s what drives me and inspires me.


My interest in photography began with a wonderful little Canon Canonet QL17 while in the U.S. Army. It was that camera which taught me the power and potential of visual communication. A few years later, I began my career as a photographer while working at my college newspaper. That job, which paid me $37.50 per academic quarter, led to a career of more than 15 years working as a newspaper photojournalist and a Pulitzer nomination for spot news photography. Seeing the writing on the wall with regards to the future of newspaper staff photographers, I left that field and worked as a college photographer with duties ranging from passport head shots to magazine cover photos. Since 2010, I have worked full-time as a landscape photographer.

My landscape work centers primarily around the intersections of where man and nature meet. I find that these areas, which now seem to be the norm of our landscape, can offer an insight and significance which are often missing for me when working solely in nature.


My work is exclusively black and white. I tend to respond more aggressively and personally to shades of luminosity than I do tints of color. It’s not that I don’t like color photography, but I feel that I can express myself more effectively using the inherently abstract nature of black and white.



1987, B.S. in Photographic Engineering Technology, St. Cloud State Univ.

2018 Solo Exhibit, Fort Collins Museum of Art, Fort Collins
2018 Solo Exhibit, Dahl Fine Arts Center, Rapid City, SD
2016 Solo Exhibit, The Nicolaysen Art Museum, Wyoming
2015 Group Exhibit, Haven Gallery, Casper, Wyoming
2015 Group Exhibit, Wyoming State Museum
2014 Group Exhibit, Crazy Woman Gallery, Buffalo, Wyoming
2013 Juried Exhibit, Center for Fine Art Photography, B+W
2013 People’s choice Award, Darkroom gallery, Lost and Found
2013 Juried exhibit, Darkroom Gallery, Lost and Found
2013 Solo exhibit, Nicolaysen Art Museum, Casper, WY
2013 Juried exhibit, Biennial Exhibition, Wyoming Art Council,
2013 Juried exhibit, Darkroom Gallery, Rare Earth
2013 Juried exhibit, PhotoPlace Gallery, VT., Lines

2019 Interview, F-Stop Collaborate and Listen
2017 Peripheral Vision, monograph by Lenswork Publishing
2016 Black and White Photography published by Amherst Media
2015 Progresso FOTOGRAFICO magazine (Italy), Oct. issue
2014 Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Nov. issue
2013 Dodho magazine (Middle East), August
2013 B&W magazine, Spotlight feature, June issue
2013 Outdoor Photography (UK), Main interview, May issue
2013 Black and White Photography (UK)
2012 Outdoor Photography (UK), December issue
2012 Neutral Density Magazine, profile and portfolio
2012 Lenswork magazine, issue #99
2011 Fotoritim Magazine, Turkey. Feature and Portfolio
2010 Lenswork magazine, issue #87

2018 Tom West Award, Nicolaysen Art Museum
2015 Artist Grant, Wyoming Arts Council
2014 Artist Residency, Joshua Tree National Park
2013 Artist Residency, Glacier National Park
2012 Artist Residency, North Cascades National Park
2012 Visual Arts Fellowship, Wyoming Arts Council
2011 Artist Development Grant, Wyoming Arts Council
2011 Artist residency, Zion National Park.
1998 Finalist, Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography

2018 Moab Photography Symposium, Utah
2018 Linn Area Photography Club, Iowa
2018 Glacier National Park, workshop
2018 Casper Photography Club
2018 Black Hills State University
2015-2018 Photography Instructor, Casper College