Photography Workshops

"Chuck's method of teaching is deeply focused on the capacity of the student to grow as a photographer. He is patient and thoughtful and contributes a fount of understanding of fine art photography. His ability to communicate composition and tonality in black and white photography has been essential to my own growth as a photographer. When I first explored his work, I knew I wanted to study photography with him.

I felt I could do better but did not know how. Each class session I took with Chuck, brought me new insights. My work is remarkably improved, and I continue to get closer to what it means to be creative and
communicate feeling, energy, and movement in my work. I am eternally grateful to a workshop student who recommended that I take classes with Chuck. It has been a transformative experience."
—Rachel Jones, photographer

December 7-11, 2023 - The Artful Black & White Landscape, Death Valley National Park
A great photography workshop provides you the tools and inspiration needed to create a lifetime of intentional and creatively-conceived works of art. Photographers of all experience levels are invited to join Chuck Kimmerle and Michael E. Gordon for this unique black and white focused photography workshop. Michael and Chuck are not only experienced photographers, they are inspirational, passionate, and patient instructors whose priority is your creative confidence and artistic growth. This workshop offers an excellent mix of location photography, group and personal instruction, image review sessions, field discussions, and post-production classroom work in one of the most unique and visually compelling locations in the world, Death Valley National Park.

March 25-28, 2024 - The Artful Process & Print (color and monochrome), Death Valley National Park
Join Michael Gordon and myself for this unique process and print focused photography workshop (color and monochrome), where every participant returns home with a fine art print! This workshop offers an excellent mix of location photography (we’ll enjoy three field shoots during the workshop) with three and a half days of intensive classroom work (processing and printing using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop) in one of the most visually compelling locations in the world. Our workshop topics include Precise Field Capture Techniques for Printing; Digital Studio Setup; Editing/Processing Considerations and Workflow (including selections, non-destructive adjustment layers, layer masks, selections, blended exposures, dodging/burning, B/W conversion…); Color Management; Printers, Papers & Printing; Black & White Output; Finishing & Display; and so much more! Two Epson printers will be on hand during the workshop.

I also offer private tours and workshops in Death Valley and Owen's Valley/Eastern Sierra including Alabama Hills, Bristlecone Pines, Mono Lake, Convict Lake, Bodie ghost town, etc. If you would like to explore these areas in private small group or solo sessions, please contact me for details.