Do you need help with technical skills in the field, or help finding or refining your photographic style? Are you looking to expand your knowledge of Lightroom or Photoshop? Or, are you needing an expert critique of your images.

I invite you work with me.

Creative photography can be a frustrating, yet rewarding, endeavor as we often work alone both in the field and during editing. While that vacuum may allow us to be creative without distraction, it can also insulate us from realizing our mistakes or misguided paths. Honest, helpful, and supportive critique or instruction are difficult to get, and almost impossible from social media.

I know that this may seem intimidating. I remember the first time I
asked for input from another photographer, and I was a nervous wreck. Sharing work with a stranger can be hard. But it was worth it. That review changed how I looked at my own work, gave me much needed confidence and inspiration, and it vastly improved both the technical and creative qualities. I would like to do the same for you.


I have been a full-time photographer for more than 35 years. I have extensive experience in photojournalism, commercial/educational photography, and fine art landscape work. I also taught college-level, fine art photography classes in both film and digital processes—color and black and white—at three different universities.

I consider your advancement and success to be as important as my own. These sessions are yours, and I will do my best to address each and every question and concern, and to do so in a supportive, yet honest, manner. Whether your needs are technical, creative, or critical, we will work together to move you and your work forward.

I have worked with hundreds of photographers of all ages and skill levels, and from all walks of life. I am patient, supportive, knowledgeable, and insightful. I stand behind my sessions, and will do what I can to make you happy with out time together. If you not satisfied, I will gladly refund your money or offer you another session.

All sessions are done via interactive online video conference where both you and I will be able to share our work, and our processes, in real time.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for a few student testimonials.

Student Testimonials

"My photography has gone beyond making a decent photo to that of being able to create those more rare special and meaningful photos. This has been my experience after taking classes with Chuck Kimmerle. His method of teaching is deeply focused on the capacity of the student to grow as a photographer. He is patient and thoughtful and contributes a fount of understanding of fine art photography, particularly black and white photography. His ability to communicate composition and tonality in black and white photography has been essential to my own growth as a photographer. When I first explored his work, I knew I wanted to study black and white photography with him. My own work was in a rut.

I felt I could do better but did not know how. Each class session I took with Chuck, brought me new insights. My work is remarkably improved, and I continue to get closer to what it means to be creative and communicate feeling, energy, and movement in my work. I am eternally grateful to a workshop student who recommended that I take classes with Chuck.

It has been a transformative experience."

— Rachel Jones, photographer

"Working with Chuck has made me a better and more confident landscape photographer. He has been supportive of my photographs, but not afraid to offer well-reasoned criticism when necessary. He even helped me improve my color photography, although he has made me really appreciate good black and white.

Photoshop has always been difficult for me, but Chuck's patient instruction helped it all makes sense. I can now even make layer masks five different ways!

I have enjoyed our ongoing sessions.

Thank you, Chuck."

— Richard

"Thank you, Chuck, for giving me the confidence to create my own photographs, without worrying about the opinions of others."

— Jess

"When teaching or mentoring students, Chuck focuses on teaching ahead of his own photographic endeavors. He spends time with students to point out another way to capture images besides the “cliche” images most photographers seek. He has guided me to broaden my vision and appreciate subjects or scenes I would have missed capturing. These oftentimes had more visual impact than what I initially sought to photograph.

I have learned new skills to enhance my black and white photography though Chuck’s very clear instruction in using Lightroom and Photoshop tools."

— Carla Francis